Cheap Heavy Equipment

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backhoe loader

Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe loader or sometimes referred to as a loader backhoe, consists of a tractor, front shovel bucket and a backhoe in the rear. Due to its versatility, backhoe loaders are necessary machines needed in many construction projects that requires excavation type of work. Link to Backhoe Loaders

crawler dozers loaders

Crawler Dozers and Loaders

Crawler dozers and loaders uses tracks instead of wheels for better traction on the ground. Dozers are commonly called bulldozers as they have very powerful engines which allow them to clear onstacles, push large amount of soil for construction. Link to Crawler Dozers and Loaders

wheel loaders

Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders are the alteratives to crawler dozers for carrying and transfering of soil with a bucket. They have the advantage over crawler type of loaders by being able to move faster and further due to the larger wheels. Link to Wheel Loaders

skid steer loaders

Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders are comparatively smaller earth movers and loaders designed to be nimble. It is a small vehicle consist of lift arms that can attach with a skid steer bucket or other skid steer attachment. There are two types of skid steers, those equipped with tracks and those with synchronized wheels on each side. Link to Skid Steer Loaders



In many construction projects, the excavator is one piece of heavy equipment that you will need to have. Thus, you should find the proper excavator for the job to maximize productivity. There are heavy capacity excavators and mini excavators that you can choose for the project. Link to Excavators

directional drills

Directional Drills

Directional drills or horizontal directional drill rigs are often use for deep drilling and boring of holes for the purpose of installing underground pipes for water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, cables and conduits. Link to Directional Drills



Trenchers are needed in construction projects for digging trenches. Ride on trenchers helps to dig trenches for laying piplines and for digging drainage sytems more efficiently. Their design may be that of trencher backhoe combo to provide a multipurpose tool for digging and trenching. Link to Trenchers

compactor roller

Compactor Roller

Compactor roller are use in the construction industries for soil compacting, rolling gravel, concrete and asphalt and also use for landfills. As these machines are use to maximise the density of soil and road construction, they need to be robust in construction. Link to Compactor Roller



Graders are use for the construction of roads. They are needed to pave roads and are use for the preparation of road base before asphalts are poured on top of the ground base. Besides road works, they are also use to prepare soil foundations and creating a flat surface for building constructions. Link to Graders

road pavers

Road Pavers

Road pavers are road construction equipment used to lay asphalt or concrete to create roadways or driveways. There are two main types of pavers in the market mainly asphalt pavers and concrete pavers. Simply, asphalt pavers are use for laying asphalt to make roads while concrete pavers lays concrete usually to create driveways. Link to Road Pavers



Scrapers are use in the construction industry to scrape earth, load the earth onto a hopper, transport the earth and then unload the soil to the required spot. All the job function of scraping and transporting the earth are done with this machine, so it is very efficient for repeatitive earth moving if the cut and fill areas are very close. Link to Scrapers

wood chippers

Wood Chippers

Wood Chippers equipment are used for cutting non-usable wood and turning them into smaller bits of wood chips and sawdust. There are industrial wood chippers often use by the forestry industries for large scale projects and home chippers for clearing your garden. Link to Wood Chippers



Cranes are use to lift and lower material in the construction industry. There many types of cranes in the industry. Fix type of cranes are mounted on structure such as tower cranes or gantry cranes. The mobile cranes are truck cranes whether wheel or track can be move around but are limited in the heights which they can be extended. Link to Cranes



In many industries, forklifts are needed for repetitive lifting and loading jobs. There are diesel and gas powered forklifts for lifting heavy loads while electrical driven forklifts for smaller capacity jobs. Link to Forklifts



Telehandlers or telescopic handler is a cross between a forklift and a crane. Similar to a forklift, it can use a fork for lifting but the fork is attached to a telescopic boom that can extend forward and upwards from the vehicle. It can also use other attachments such as a bucket or lift table for other lifting functions. Link to Telehandlers

industrial lifts

Industrial Lifts

Industrial lifts such as scissor lifts, aerial lifts, boom lifts, and cherry pickers, provide a platform for personnel to work on high grounds. Scissor lifts are raised or lowered in a fixed, vertical direction. They are very usefull where space is a constrain. If you need to rotational movement, aerial lifts such as boom lifts and cherry pickers are more suited. Link to Industrial Lifts



The farm tractor is one essential piece of machinery that farmers will need to use. They are necessary for basic towing of equipment and attaching farm implements to it for their agriculture tasks. Some tractors are fitted with hydraulic arms and a bucket to serve as a loader. Link to Tractors

dump trucks

Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks are needed for transporting sand, dirt and gravel for construction projects. You will need these trucks for transporting your construction material to various destinations. The typical dump
truck is equipped with a hydraulically driven open container that is hinged at the rear. Link to Dump Trucks



When you need to transport heavy equipment, cars, motorcycles or animals, you will definitely need to use trailers. When you need to move your heavy equipment to different construction sites, flatbed trailers will be needed. Link to Trailers

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